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A walk in Troller's Gill
Map of the walk
New Road
Start (OS ref):
Map (1:25,000):
Roadside verges
1.5 miles (2.4 km)
1 hour
Very Easy
120 metres
Care required in Troller's Gill
Route Map:

I had never seen Trollers Gill with water running through it. The water of Skyreholme Beck usually drops underground before the gill starts and resurfaces a distance past the other side. But not on the day I took brother Ray and his wife Karen to walk through it. We had just walked the Strid (see walk 9) in flood and they were eager for a little more so I had brought them here for a gentle walk through this impressive gorge. After walking down from our starting point on New Road we reached the mouth of the gill and I commented on the water gently running out of it. "Never seen that before, but it will be ok" "Are you sure?" Karen replied. My reply must have been reassuring for they followed me in as we used a stepping stone technique to walk up the gorge.

The water seemed to flow faster and deeper as we climbed our way up and through Trollers Gill but it was not easy. We had managed to stay dry but Karen was finding it more difficult that us. Yet I was still impressed by her sense of adventure. There was one spot though where she got stuck and despite Ray and I dropping in more stones for her to step on she could not move. Only one thing for it, I had to jump in the water. It as up to my knees but didn't feel cold and we now got Karen safely through the tough sections. We then enjoyed this fun walk up the Gill as it opened out making walking much easier. With this little excursion up Trollers Gill and the previous one up the Strid both Ray and Karen said they were well impressed with the days walking and the choices I had made. I look forward to more walks with them and hopefully in much better weather. Final note about the gill. I fell in love with the spot when I first walked it and even more so now after this adventure.
Troller's Gill in flood

The Story of the Walk:

Troller's Gill
A flooded Troller's Gill
Ray points to the spot that he wants Karen to step
The water is usually underground on this stretch

Troller's Gill beck
Crossing the beck at Troller's Gill
At this point the water is usually disappearing
Karen scampers across the Beck

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