The Outlying Fells of Lakeland

Thirty-four walks covering all the peaks in Alfred Wainwright's 'The Outlying Fells of Lakeland'.

After he had completed his epic series of books 'Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells' distinguished Lake District walker and writer Alfred Wainwright continued to walk and write about his passion for walking. Even when into his old age he continued to walk, so far as he was able to. Never diminished in passion for reaching new heights and for compiling interesting lists he wrote the book 'The Outlying Fells of Lakeland', first published in 1974 when he was sixty-seven years old.

Determined to follow in Wainwright's footsteps, I have decided to complete the outlying fells in my sixty-fifth year, traditionally the first year of old age, though in respect of walking and climbing mountains, I do not think I am done with the high places quite yet. While completing the outlying fells I shall also endeavour to complete the sixty outstanding higher lakeland fells and mountains from Wainwright's premier list.

I had originally planned to complete these lists before my sixty-fifth birthday but the Covid-19 pandemic put paid to those plans. However, I am determined to finish the lot as soon as is feasibily and legally possible. Sometime during 2021 is the plan. Follow my progress here. The map shows all the outlying fells, colour coded to show if they have been accomplished or not. Similarly, you can follow my progress on the fells and mountains of the seven volume pictorial guide here. The thirty four walks are listed below the map. Each link leads to the walk in question. As these are physically completed by me then a report and pictures will replace the brief descriptions.

Important Note: I provide maps, statistics and route files in .gpx and Google Earth .kmz data forms for each walk in the compilation. Note these routes are my designs taken from desk-top mapping and may not represent what lies on the ground. However the routes I have completed will be corroborated with updated route files, maps, statistics and informative photography.

I shall be closely following Wainwright's original book of the Outlying fells of Lakeland throughout this challenge. Get the book here.

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