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One of the most important points to consider when planning a walk is assessing the time it will take to complete the walk. If you are using public transport this is even more important as you will have to plan your walk to correspond with Bus or Train times. Also, particularly in these hectic times you may have to finish the walk at a certain time in order to get to your accommodation for dinner, or to make a restaurant reservation, or even just to meet friends for a social gathering. Whatever the reasons, it's likely your walking will be subject to time restrictions and you can use my Walk Time Calcualtor to work out how long your planned walk is going to take you. Give it a try.

How to use the Calculator

Simply enter the details of your planned walk into the relevant boxes. In the first box enter the number of miles (decimal points, e.g. 12.3 is allowed). In the second box enter the total amount of climbing (in metres) you must do on the walk. In the third box do the same for metres of descent. In the final box enter the total time (in minutes) you plan to take in rests, drink/ food breaks, lunch, etc). IMPORTANT - A value is required in every field so if you plan a walk with no climbing, no descent or indeed to walk without a break just insert 0 in the relevant box.

Length of the walk (in miles):  

Total climbing (in metres):  

Total descent (in metres):  

Total Breaktime (in minutes):  

How the calculations are made:

The calculator is based on Naismiths Rule. He was a keen Victorian walker who applied a formula to calculate the time taken to do a walk. The rule is now widely recognised in the walking fraternity. His rule is:

  • Walking time = 3 miles per hour

  • Climbing Time = 1 minute for every 10 metres ascent

  • Descent Time = 1 minute for every 20 metre descent 

This method is fine for the average regular walker but it does not apply to walking in difficult conditions (e.g. boggy ground, dense undergrowth). It is entirely suitable for the average walker in typical walking terrain. My walking calculator is designed using slightly different parameters. They are designed after consultation with walkers in Walking Newsgroups who agreed on a common consensus for the average walker. These parameters are:

  • Walking time = 2.5 miles per hour

  • Climbing Time = 1 minute for every 10 metres ascent

  • Descent Time = 1 minute for every 25 metres descent

  • Breaktime = 1 minute per Breaktime minute

If you feel that 3 miles an hour is your average walking speed then simply deduct some time from the walk. From my experience you will have to be moving quickly and not enjoying the scenery of the walk to maintain 3 mph throughout the whole walk. Anyway, so now you know the calculator settings go ahead, choose a walk and then calculate the walking time.

So now you've worked out your walking time for your chosen excursion all there is left to do is to get out there and enjoy the walk!

Feedback and Suggestions:

I am always pleased to received feedback on the structure and content of the website. I also welcome suggestions on how I can improve the website which may include new areas to cover, new walks or route alterations to existing walks. To contact me with feedback and/ or suggestions please contact me here. Thank you.

(Note: Walking without proper preparation can be dangerous. Information and downloads on this website are provided free of charge; it is each walker's responsibility to check the material and use accordingly. Postscript: My walk reports are not route guides and should not be treated as such. They are written with personal reflections of my walks)

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