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Roseberry Topping and Captain Cook's Monument Walk
Map of the walk
Great Ayton
Start (OS ref):
Map (1:25,000):
Plenty near the town centre
7 miles (11.2 km)
3 hours
409 metres
A manual gate railway crossing
Great Ayton
Route Map:
Summary: A North York Moors walk to Roseberry Topping which is the most prominent and popular hilltop in the Middlesborough area. This walk takes us to the top of the hill then across to Captain Cook's Monument before returning to our starting point at Great Ayton.
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The Story of the Walk:

The Cleveland Hills
Roseberry Topping near Guisborough, a monument to the folk of Middlesborough is a unique hill because of the unusual shape of its peak. It is not high by any means at about 280 metres but the climb is a short stiff pull that clears the airways and lethargy from the most languid walkers. I did the climb many times as a youngster and once in recent times with Dave.

This time a bright sunny January morning told me it was the time to show my future wife Lil my  famous childhood hill. The walk we did was from a start in the quaint town of Great Ayton. We left the town and headed in a beeline straight for the hill. Lil said "I can't do that climb" but I reassured her and before long she was over half way up at the Folly building. After a short break we strode up to the top and she was there.

It is a perfect small walk for most new walkers and one of my recommended 'training' walks. As the picture shows we were blessed with lovely winter sunshine which always makes you feel better for being outdoors. Lil felt a sense of achievement now and it was all smiles from her at the top.

We paused on the summit of Roseberry Topping to take in the tremendous views and when we had taken them all in we made on to Captain Cook's monument. The walk is hilly but apart from the last pull up to the monument itself it is not at all difficult. After walking down from the monument to Great Ayton we made our day complete by going to Whitby for tea. Lovely!
Looking right to the Cleveland Hills from Great Ayton
Roseberry Topping
The unmistakable peak of Roseberry Topping straight ahead
On top of Roseberry Topping
Lil and I enjoy the view from Roseberry Topping

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